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Dare to Dream

When trying to start a movement it is helpful to dream. For the most part, I fear that Western Christians have lost the ability to dream big dreams for the Kingdom. Of course, theologically we know that God is able of mighty acts of transformation. We just doubt that He is willing. It's unlikely to happen in our lifetime. It's hard to imagine in our community. It's inconceivable that I might play a role.

God loves to pour out His Spirit with power on those who will dare to align radically their purposes with His.

The truth is God is currently pouring out His Spirit and expanding His Kingdom in miraculous ways around the globe. A few weeks ago we discussed what some missiologist call the Disciple Making Movement (DMM). The DMM Movement is marked by three characteristics:

  1. 100 churches planted

  2. To the 4th generation (i.e. churches planting churches who plant churches who plant churches)

  3. All this happening under 3 years

Currently, it is estimated that there are over 1,000 DMMs as we speak. We see these in Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and South America. Really, all parts of the globe with the exception of the West. I will write more next week on some of the contributing factors as to why the West may be less fertile soil for this type of movement, but for now I want us to simply imagine what this would be like in Asheville. What would change in Asheville we saw 100 churches planted reproducing to the 4th generation within three years? How would our community change? What would be the impact on Buncombe County? How would the culture change? What would be the impact on our schools? Our existing churches?

Many missiologists compare what is happening in many DMM areas to what happened in the book of Acts - the work of God's Spirit bringing life is truly remarkable, supernatural ways. Would you dare to dream that God might possibly do the same thing here? with you? Might you be so bold as to maybe even ask Him to pour our His Spirit with power? Would it be too presumptuous for us to actually be jealous for Jesus' Kingdom to advance in this way?

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