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At Asheville Hope, we believe genuine connection is the fertile ground where faith blooms. Your generous gift today fuels our mission to spread God's love in Asheville, not just by preaching, but by building meaningful relationships with our neighbors. Join us in planting seeds of hope and watch God's kingdom expand, one relationship at a time.


Give online with credit card or banking information. Set up recurring gifts to match your giving budget and make changes anytime. 


Prefer the old fashion way?  That's cool.  Some of our favorite people are pretty old fashion.  Bring your gift in person or send to 

P.O. Box 5345,

Asheville, NC 28813


Giving from investment accounts, crypto holdings, real estate, and business interests can increase your impact without restricting your cash. By donating non-cash assets you may actually reduce taxes while reaching your giving goals. Reach out to us if we can assist setting this up.

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