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Philosophy of Ministry

Tired of the show? Us, too.  Forget stained glass and hushed reverence; don't think of a well curated worship experience; at Asheville Hope, we delve into ancient faith unbound by the trappings of modern religion to explore what it means to truly be disciples of King Jesus.

Here, worship teams and stain glass give way to shared stories, open dialogue, and a commitment to embodying Jesus' radical call in our daily lives. We're not spectators passively consuming faith; we're active participants, practicing authentic community and learning to be outposts of Jesus' Kingdom in our nighborhoods.

Outposts of the Kingdom

We believe God's people are empowered image-bearers, ambassadors sent forth to extend God's love and presence every day, turning every household into an outpost for the Kingdom. Forget passive pew-sitting; faith comes alive in the laughter shared around the dinner table, the kindness shown to a neighbor, the grace extended in forgiveness. We equip and encourage one another to weave the threads of faith into the fabric of our daily lives, transforming not just our own hearts, but also the communities we inhabit.


Ancient Faith

At Asheville Hope, we stand firm on the foundation of an ancient faith, our roots reaching back to the early church and drawing strength from centuries of deep and rich tradition. We cherish the wisdom and practices passed down through generations, from timeless hymns to profound theological truths. While we may not be a "traditional" church, we are striving to become a real, live, ancient church, in Asheville.

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