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Pastor Profile

Prepared by the Pastoral Search Team, August, 2022


… Asheville Hope Community Church in Western North Carolina seeks a pastor and/or church planter whose entire life is committed to the Gospel of Christ as expressed in the Word of God, and desires to lead others to do the same for the Glory of God…


Hope Community Church is a church plant with, by the providence of God, deeply rooted relationships, resources, community connections, and vision. After years together at a local church, a number of elders and their families, as well as others, have pursued a new vision for ministry and mission. Our fellowship desires strong biblical teaching and gospel living, not letting theological propositions prevail over people's needs, or cultural and political predispositions come before New Testament Christianity. We carry forward the positive thrust and vision of the Gospel of Christ. We desire continued renewal and growth in Jesus Christ to let our lives display love to other believers and to our communities. The time has come for God to bring us our lead, and sole, Teaching Elder, pastor, leader, colleague, and friend.


For a deeper look at Hope Community Church, please see the Church Information Form of the EPC and our extended Church Profile here.

Who We Need

We hear God calling us to an effective, shepherding leader who yearns to develop loving disciple-makers in the Kingdom. He speaks the Gospel clearly and in love with an aim toward maturing believers in Christ and building His Church. His past leadership is evidenced by the identifying, developing, training and equipping of Christ-like leaders. He regularly seeks relationships with non-believers, sharing his faith, and leading others to Christ. In turn, those he leads have a growing passion for the propagation of the Gospel through a fruitful ministry. 

The candidate secures himself within the gospel, seeking growth, sanctification, church planters or leaders for personal development, benefitting the church body and the Kingdom of God. He looks to the gospel and fellow believers for examples of gospel living, openly sharing his own sin and need for  Christ's redemptive work and encouraging others to do the same.

His preaching will be rooted in a carefully prepared, researched, and naturally practiced manner, delivering an expository message clearly and concisely, pointing others to Christ. His messages will uphold the whole counsel of scripture, attuned toward the ever-changing culture within the body and surrounding it, and aim to transform the hearts of people.

We desire to see the individual have an excitement to actively participate, by connecting with others within the church body and the surrounding community. He should hold and communicate a clear vision of how to create and maintain relationships within the body, while equally representing the church to the community, so that others may seek to make Hope Community their church family.

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  • Personal application of and life in the renewing, transformative work of the Gospel

  • Personal discipleship, leadership training, and evangelism experiences that are also fostered in others within the church.

  • Community engagement and outreach experience

  • Minimum 3-7 years pastoral ministry experience

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Master of Divinity, or equivalent

  • Subscription and adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith Experience with and embraces Presbyterian church governance


  • Leadership and delegation to empower congregants in their own ministry

  • Church planting experience

  • Philosophy of Evangelism resonates with belonging to the body before believing by faith 

  • Heart for reaching the marginalized that they may experience community and a belonging in Christ 

  • Expository preaching propagates Gospel truth over tradition

  • Creative expression and passion for the vision of Hope Community

  • Success in reaching young families 

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  • Daily commitment to personal prayer and transformational experience of God

  • Participate in and develop collegial relationships with peers in the Asheville areas and the EPC denomination

  • Mentored regularly

  • Maintain a rhythm of ministry that is mindful of his own self-care, his first mission field (his family), and the flock of Christ followers in his care

  • Biblical integrity stemming from progress in Christ pertaining to speech and behavior, including matters of financial, moral, and relational issues

  • Marked by approachable humility

  • Speaks the truth in love


  • Execute weekly Lord’s Day worship

  • Provide vision and leadership to the Leadership Team (future Session), development and execution of a strategic plan for ministry, and on-going governance of the church

  • Oversee and organize volunteer teams for discipleship and community outreach

  • Pastoral care of the fellowship

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Serving our homeless community with care packages

The search for a new pastor is being managed by McGowan Global Institute

If you’re interested in applying for this position please register here, and contact Case Thorp at

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