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committee Updates 

August 7, 2022


Julia Gibson, PST Chair


Good afternoon Hope from the Pastor Search Team!


To date we have vetted 13 candidates and had 3 in-person visits. We are still in Phase 1 while we are waiting to complete church and pastor profiles, which is going to be ready this week and available on our website (and to be shared via social media). With this done, McGowan Global Institute, the Pastor Search Team, and all members will be able to actively participate by sending it to prospective pastors and friends who might be connected to a potential candidate. We hope you get on social media and make it available to friends, as well.


Phase 2 is a deeper degree of vetting that will take place at that time and we hope to have 2 or 3 final candidates by October.


Over the summer our team’s preparation and understanding of who we are as a church, and what we think the Lord is calling us to in our mission and in a pastor, is truly crystallizing.   When candidates arise who are similar to what we are looking for we are encouraged that there is a “quick resonance." We are logistically freed up with time to focus efforts as good candidates arise.   


It’s been a stretch for all of us, life itself is a stretch, yet the Lord still has all of us loving someone in our lives with the Gospel and we are encouraged here in this community to keep on doing that. 


Please continue to pray for Hope, our future, and the right man to be our pastor/planter. This can only occur with the Lord’s help and orchestration. We covet the prayers of our church to this end.  It must remain the Lord’s work ultimately.

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